The SEC will offer two watching of Scripts solutions this season

The SEC will offer two watching of Scripts solutions this season

Am I going to have the ability to see my scripts in 2010? Yes. The Viewing of Scripts service offers you a way to observe how your script ended up being marked to make the best decision about whether or perhaps not to attract your outcome. We strongly suggest that you are taking the chance to view your script prior to making an appeal application. Watching additionally provides you with the chance to make remarks when it comes to attention of this appeal examiner.

  1. in schools for topics marked in writing
  2. through the Candidate Self-Service Portal for topics marked on the web.

The program procedure is the identical for both solutions. The application form to look at needs to be made through the Candidate Self Service Portal because of the due date of 5pm on Friday sixteenth August.

You will likewise have usage of the marking schemes.

Can I gain access to my dental and practical markings? Yes. We shall upgrade the results file in the Candidate Self Service Portal from 10am on Wednesday 14th August to present not merely the grade nevertheless the mark that is final to each specific component within an interest. This consists of markings rush essay review for orals, practicals, tasks, coursework and written documents when you look at the same topic (paper 1, paper 2).

Will it be crucial that We see my scripts if i would like to impress? No. An appeal application might be produced with out seen the script. But, the watching facility provides an applicant, whom may feel that his/her grade will not fully reflect his/her performance regarding the of the examination, with an opportunity to see how the marking scheme was applied to the work day.

Can anyone view that is else script? Just if they’re associated you to definitely the watching. As you were concerned by the candidate must first determine whether or perhaps not you want to see a script and after that you should be contained in individual in the watching centre to do therefore. ادامه مطلب …