Sex, Gender and Sex – What’s the real Difference? Chloe Foster

Sex, Gender and Sex – What’s the real Difference? Chloe Foster


Does the essential difference between intercourse and gender confuse you? Maybe once we put sex phrase, and real and psychological attraction into the mix you will be kept much more confused?

This workshop will simplify each one of these terms which help you learn a few of the terms around sexuality and sex, causing you to be feeling well informed to do business with consumers and also require concerns around their identity that is own and labels (if any) they could wish to use to explain them.

You will see area for individual representation where you will soon be motivated to consider your relationship that is own to and sexuality. Then, in digital groups that are small you’ll have the chance to explore in which you could fit for each range making use of the Gender Unicorn model.

We shall end with thinking together being a whole team about exactly how this knowledge may be useful in the counselling space with this customers.


Being a counsellor during my practice that is private Rainbow Counselling, I specialise mainly in sex and sex within the LGBTQ communities. ?

My passion for involved in this certain area started before my counselling profession through my work with several LGBTQ organisations: Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard, MindOut and Allsorts Youth venture. ادامه مطلب …